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Hey guys I am back with more fun fashion tips !

So in my school I have been noticing that some of the girls have been getting the same hairstyle, clothes, shoes, makeup etc. BUT the most frequent redundant thing I saw was purple nails. When I came back from break I saw my friends with purple nail polish on their finger nails showing them off to everyone. (which other girls already had so there was actually no point) Even though it was redundant and stupid it was actually really attractive, it brightened up their hands and kind of made it look prettier. I never noticed until today how nail color can change a persons hand. So my fashion tip for today is try PURPLE NAIL POLISH:) The bright purple, dark purple definitely adds a little zest in your life and makes you want to use your hands more and more just so that you can see them.

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Happy New Year! :)

Hey guys! sorry I haven’t wrote in a while I was on break and I had so many things to do so I wasn’t able to keep it up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But I AM BACK and this time I am going to be posting blogs weekly so please do NOT BE SAD ๐Ÿ™‚ HEHE.

Anyways IT IS FINALLY 2011!! I have a reflection page on podomatic. If you guys don’t know what podomatic is it’s this great site where you can make you’re on podcast channel and just talk about anything you want. So in one of my podcasts I talked about my new years resolution, so I’m going to share mine with you guys as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so as you guys know I am in the tenth grade in an international school in Korea, so obviously I need to start getting better grades, so my number 1 main goal this year is to get straight A’s or at least get more A’s than B’s ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. My second goal is to not get frustrated as much as I did in the past. usually when I am mad clustered in my thoughts, confused, I tend to get frustrated with myself, so my goal is to not be so hard on myself, and just try calming down ๐Ÿ™‚

So basically those are my two goals for this year! DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOLLOW! I want to hear your guys new years resolutions so comment on this blog and tell me all about it Stay warm bye!



Its KevinK. with more fashion news to fill you up before the first snow falls in your area. I just want to say I am extremely sorry for not posting a lot of blogs, responding to emails, comments Etc. I’ve been really busy with school work, and finals are next week and It’s frightening to take an exam. Wish me Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than final season it is winter season! I personally love winter, I love stepping on snow and hearing the crunchy sound. Other than the cool features winter brings to us every year. the white color of the snow also brighten up our clothes. I think that since the snow is white, and when the sun is shining during the winter time the light bounces to the you, or mainly your clothes which makes the colors of your fabric look much more bright and pretty.

One thing in Korea every high school student, young college student, Mom’s Dad’s, workers have is LARGE SCARVES. Well.. mainly young people. The fashion trend in Korea during the winter is BIG SCARVES. I don’t know if I personally like to wear them, but on some people it looks geat and the unbalanced feeling of having a scarf that’s bigger thanย  you head is classy and edgy to look at. I personally do not own one, I only have normal sized ones, and I think this trend is worth trying out. Not only does it give you warm, but it also makes you look stylish.

Anyways! That was my little thought or observation that I had today I really hoped you enjoyed it and get the experience to try on large scarves, they’re really cheap and easy to find so search search search! Tune in next time for more from LETS WEAR CLOTHES ๐Ÿ™‚


The French are back!

Hey guys ! I am so sorry that I had to keep on delaying my posts to you guys and I’m extremely sorry to keep you guys waiting on my blog posts so I’m going to get right to it!

Today’s topic is obviously French Coats if you guys haven’t guessed (hahah)

As you guys may know I live in Korea and Korea has a lot of trends and it changes so many times, and lately I’ve been noticing that Korean teenagers, men in general have been very interested in the french Coats. If I go out to the department stores I would see men wearing thick cotton polyester coats with giants buttons.

I personally think that french coats are sexy and attractive, fat or skinny, chubby or normal, I think french coats give sexiness and classiness to a person to a certain level that it fits with everyone.

One tip that I would give people who want to start wearing french coatsย  is that make sure you get the right size. There’s a lot of people who buy french coats in a size bigger, or in a size smaller because they either want a loose fit, or an overly tight fit, but normally you would find a size that is not too tight, or not too loose, it’s kind of hard because when you’re trying on sizes for french coats, some of them are somewhere in the middle sometimes and what you end up doing most of the time is buying sizes bigger, or smaller, than your right body fit.

Anyway that was the today’s post, and I really hope you guys liked it and GO TRY ON SOME FRENCH COATS !!



Be Confident !

Hey Guys!!

Sorry! I haven’t posted a blog in a long time. I was really busy with school work and academies ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I had this big project called the Multi-Genre project due on Nov 1 and it’s worth 200 hundred points, I had to focus on this project so I was unable to post anything.ย  The project is just basicallyย  where you pick a topic (of your choice) anything that interests you and do three different genre’s with it. For example,ย  I chose the development of fashion and did three different genres about that topic.

TODAY’S TOPIC IS. How to improve your dress better with CONFIDENCE!

I have noticed through my years of experience of the quest to finding my own individual style of clothes I have came to discover that everything even fashion needs a dash of confidence. Confidence is key into leading your life to stylish days! If you have confidence your life totally changes (I swear to my grave that it is). Once you become confident you become more positive about everything around you and you become happier. This coincides with the topic of improving your fashion.

Okay FIRST OF ALL, when you are confident enough to change your style you take risks in clothes like you hero takes the big dangerous challenge.ย  The first thing you do is you get to the mall or the department store where ever you prefer and go just go around the different stores and just observe or look around. The most important thing to do is when you’re first is train your eyes to examine different clothing’s and get to the point where you can look a piece of clothing and you can just conclude whether it would look good on you. Another advice is trying on different types of clothes. When you’re first starting out you don’t know what kind of clothes go well with your body. For example, I (think) look good with cardigans because I buy so much of them and it always looks good.ย  Okay, so once you find the right style that goes great with your body then obviously try them on!

When you change your style into a more fun colorful, mature, neutral, crazy your life truly changes and honestly your personality changes. If you’re a shy person you might get more outgoing if you change your style!

So I have to go now, but I will be back with more hot fashion news or advice!

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See you later!!


Hey Everyone!

This is my first blogpost of the year and I just wanted to start off by saying, I hope you enjoy my blog and bookmark it on your computer. Also this blog will not only communicate one way, but it will communicate both ways where you (the readers) give me feedback comments of any sort.

Since this is a fashion blog I would first like to introduce to you a site that I was recently informed by a friend and it blog type thing where people all over the world post pictures of themselves wearing their favorite outfit.


Its a great site for beginners who aren’t sure of what kinds of clothes fit for them, but also its a great place to get ideas for what to buy in the fall, or what to wear to a party.

Anyway’s I hope you guys continue to read my weekly posts and DON’T forget to follow me ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep the clothes on .